Resume and Contact Information
Strong foundation in digital and film photography, computer applications, and client relations.

Track record of initiative and achievement - seeking out freelance
projects, expanding job description boundaries, and being selected for positions of    responsibility within chosen field.

Professional Photography Certificate                        2008-2009
Boston University Center for Digital Imagery and Arts

Photography Work                                                    2009-2010

Sharp Shooter Imagery
Portrait and Action Photography

Provided action and portrait photography for guests of MT. Killington          I had to work through all types of extreme weather conditions,                                  while still providing guests with a sellable product. This job being                              commission based taught me not only to sell my product but also                            to sell my self.

Non-Profit Work                                                         2009

The Revolving Museum
Architecture and Art Photography

Successfully created a multi-media presentation built on my images,                        portraying the creativity of the youth from around the area. Worked                           in a client based environment and completed all assignments in                               a tight deadline.

Teen Empowerment
Editorial Photographer

For this urban youth group I used my images and recorded sound                            bytes to make a multi-media presentation promoting the                                          organization's values, goals and objectives.

Darkroom Assistant:                                                   2007-2008

Marblehead High School, Photography Department

Operated and maintained darkroom equipment. Taught alternative                            processing to photography students. Supervised and assisted                                  beginner level photography students.

Restaurants:                                                                2006-2010

Santa Fe Steakhouse, Killington, VT 2009-10
Marblehead House of Pizza, Marblehead, MA 2009
Margaritas, Waltham, MA 2008-09
The Ground Round, Salem, MA 2007-08
The Landing Restaurant, Marblehead, MA 2006-08

Throughout my years I have been everything from a bus boy to a                              cocktail waiter. As a result, I have learned the very important skills           of how to work in a high stress environment, patience, organization,                          and best of all how to work with people.


Macintosh Computer Systems
PC Computer Systems
Applications:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Darkroom
4x5, 35mm film cameras
Nikon Digital SLRs
Black/White film processing and printing
Digital processing and printing
Alternative processing (Cyanotype, Kallitype, emulsion, ect.)


Inspired By Light: A Look Through the Lens 2006
Abbot Library Art Show: First Place Award recipient.

National Scholastic Art Awards                   2008
Boston College of Art: Gold Key Award recipient for both portfolio                             and single entry.

phone: 781-710-0156